About Us!


Our Beginnings

What started as a hobby, it turned into a passion back in 2011. We started with 2 or 3 trees and 2-3 vines. Our main reason was to donate all the fruits to the Church we attend. We did. That’s how “Living Water” was found. Our trees continued to grow and we continue to plant more trees and now some vegetables on our 7.5 acres of land. This gave us the opportunity to expand our “Living Water” beginning into a business. Our faith took us into a direction that we never thought about. However, it has not been easy. The growing pains of a business has always been hard among other obstacles on the our trajectory. The latest hard hit to, not only our establishment, but many others, was the 2020 COVID Pandemic that hit the whole globe. The pandemic almost made us close. Nowadays, our establishment has grown and it has become a full time family business.

Now we have more land to plant and cultivate more fruits and vegetables. Our juices have become very likeable and customers are going crazy about them. We also have our own green house, juice making and extracting house, and apiaries for our honey. Some of our products are mushrooms, citrus, pomegranate, honey, cucumber, figs, pistachios and much more. We will continue to serve our customers with loyalty to our products.